Pakistan Honda Civic airride crazy modification

Pakistan Honda Civic airride crazy modification

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Pakistan Honda Civic airride crazy modification AirBFT […]

Pakistan Honda Civic airride crazy modification

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Pakistan Honda Civic airride crazy modification

Pakistan Honda Civic airride crazy modification

Once a generation of classics, the favorite of JDM fans, eight generations of civic where faith and strength coexist.

As a pure Honda fan with one generation 8 civic and one Siming, Xiaobian has well explained the slogan of “one day Honda, lifetime Honda”. It is true that many works of Honda have unparalleled charm. As the generation 8 civic, the generation 8 civic FA1 has indeed realized the “dream of ten thousand turns of red head” of many Honda fans.

Whether it is the FA1 eighth generation Civic of American gauge or the FD1 civic of Japanese gauge, the appearance of Siming is very classic. Relatively speaking, Xiaobian prefers the shape of the sun gauge. The eagle eye style headlights make the car head more spiritual. The overall shape is youthful and sporty. The design of the short car head, coupled with the overall streamlined design, gives people a feeling of readiness. The overall sense of movement is very strong. Siming’s four round tail lamp, which is almost identical to the sun gauge fd2, seems to symbolize the hot blood era of the 1990s.

The interior design has always been Honda’s strong point, and the interior of the 8th generation Civic still looks very sci-fi. Because the design of the short car head is adopted, the cabin occupies part of the interior space, so the center console of the 8th generation Civic is very wide. However, the title of “space magician” is not derived from nothing, and the front seat space of the 8th generation Civic is not limited. Moreover, the design of the workbench also feels very scientific and technological, and adopts the color matching of deep up and light down, which is very typical of Japanese family cars. The later eight generation Civic high-end also has a black interior, which makes the whole interior look more sporty.

The steering wheel design of the eighth generation Civic is deeply loved by every friend who loves driving! The diameter of the steering wheel is very small. The eight generation Civic in the early stage adopted a double width design, while the eight generation Civic and the famous fd2 in the later stage adopted a three width design. The overall shape design is very sporty. There are still concave and convex parts similar to the steering wheel of a racing car at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock on the steering wheel. Moreover, the position of the shift lever is just right. If the manual Kung Fu gear is selected, the position of the manual gear is really very appropriate.

The design of the short front makes the civic steering very flexible, but because it uses hydraulic power, the feel is not as light as that of the current tenth generation Civic. The suspension design of the front McPherson rear double wishbone shows good driving pleasure. Moreover, the Honda original factory equipped the eighth generation Civic with front and rear anti roll bars, which is enough to show that the Honda in those years was still the hot blooded youth.

Generally speaking, the eighth generation Civic & Siming belongs to an ordinary vegetable cart with less boring driving and slightly sporty attributes. During daily driving, you can enjoy good communication between people and vehicles, but you also need to endure poor sound insulation. Although the i-vtec of R18 is set in an economic orientation and is not as radical as that of big Tec, the engine sound of Honda’s car is good. What needs to be fought against may be the disaster level wind noise and tire noise after the vehicle speed is accelerated.

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