China’s singularity car selects airbft airride

China’s singularity car selects airbft airride

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China’s singularity car selects airbft airride

Airbft air suspension website shares with you:China’s singularity car selects airbft airride,This is a racing car from Shanghai, China. It was produced in BVS shagnhai. It is all hand-made wide body. It also has a super large tail wing, a low lying front shovel on the ground, a customized three piece forged wheel hub, an anti roll bracket in the car, and an airbft air suspension shock absorber for the suspension system, which makes the whole car look very harmonious.

China's singularity car selects airbft airride

Singularity is6 – understand your smart electric SUV

The perfect integration of intelligent technology and mechanical technology and self growth will only bring unlimited possibilities for the unique internet.

Intelligent technology

Internet advantage gene + 100 year accumulation of automobile

Singularity is6 is endowed with people-oriented Intelligent Technology

Three screen linkage

Driver centered three screen information linkage, highlighting a strong sense of future technology

Ensure safety and entertainment.

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