Nissan Teana bagriders picture

Nissan Teana bagriders picture

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Nissan Teana bagriders pictureAIRBFT Suspension Share:N […]

Nissan Teana bagriders picture
AIRBFT Suspension Share:Nissan Teana bagriders picture,Very different and represents the future of Stancenation.

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Teana name, derived from the Native American word for dawn, suggests the dawn of a new generation of Nissan's large and medium-sized cars. One of the biggest features of the car is the modern taste of the interior, interior large areas of wood decorative plate. Suede is heavily used in the dashboards, chairs and door armrests. Large gauges and a console between the curved seats and the back seat also add luxury. Designer Akira Nakajima even believes that Earthsound is starting from the interior to create a "modern life" concept.

Elegant and dynamic modeling: The excellent performance of New Teana in driving comfort and fuel economy has interpreted the enterprise philosophy of "people, cars and life" of Dongfeng Nissan more accurately and appropriately. The new Music's increasingly tasteful look is reflected in its V-shaped front design, which is gorgeous and powerful with a sophisticated chrome-plated grille. Angular rear bumpers, heavy chrome trim and protruding double exhaust pipes also provide a more dynamic visual experience. On the color of the body, new Earthsound also made a very bold innovation. Its main color, moon blue, is very distinctive, it can reflect different 'blue' colors as the light changes, representing the future of advanced car color development technology trend.


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