Benz w213 E-Class battlegang shaoxing1912 Products

Benz w213 E-Class battlegang shaoxing1912 Products

Benz w213 E-Class battlegang shaoxing1912 Products AIRB […]

Benz w213 E-Class battlegang shaoxing1912 Products

AIRBFT suspension company will introduce to you: Benz w213 E-class battle shaoxing1912 products. We will share with you Benz w213 E-class airride, which is the synonym of innovation, safety, efficiency and comfort.

Mercedes Benz cultural exchange, W120, w121, W110, w115, W123, W124, w210, W211, W212, w213, has experienced more than half a century and 10 generations of evolution, from the establishment of business Saloon starts from a new level, aiming at the world's top professionals and the backbone of the middle class as the main goal, making E-class the only synonym of luxury medium and large-scale RV in the world, and achieving the synonym of innovation, safety, efficiency and comfort.

In addition to bringing the whole family to boost its momentum, Mercedes Benz has taken masterpiece of intelligence as the most intelligent medium and large luxury RV in the history. With the intelligent drive intelligent driving assistance system, in addition to the drive which can keep up with the front car in the speed range of 0-210km / h, including the remote intelligent constant speed range finder assistance and intelligent steering assistance Pilot intelligent driving assistance function and a button can make the vehicle automatically find parking space, park in or drive out of the parking space, without relying on parking pilot intelligent parking aid of driving operation.

The new generation of w213 has five elements to build a new evolution, including low wind resistance, nine speed automatic transmission, performance evolution created by lightweight structure, safety evolution of intelligent driving assistant system, comfortable evolution of pneumatic suspension system, dynamic evolution of car running design elements and maximum 20 inch aluminum ring size, luxury evolution of wide screen instrument and large area decorative panel design So that E-class in luxury large and medium-sized executive saloon cars once again lead the pack, creating a new page in history.

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