A new generation BMW G28 AIRRIDE “Sports luxury”

A new generation BMW G28 AIRRIDE “Sports luxury”

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A new generation BMW G28 AIRRIDE "Sports luxury&qu […]

A new generation BMW G28 AIRRIDE "Sports luxury"

AIRBFTsuspension company introduces to you: a new generation BMW G28 airride "sports luxury", the new generation 3 Series (G20, G28) has been officially put into production. While retaining the sports attribute, BMW has attached a new label – "luxury".

The most characteristic and as like as two peas LCD digital dashboards are almost the same as G05 X5. The latest seventh generation iDrive system is equipped with 10.25 inch central touchscreen, and 7 gesture control.

The new 3 series has been optimized in this respect. Syntak cooperates with thermoacoustic cabin technology to isolate power train noise and heat from the source. The front windshield of acoustic glass is used in the new car. The cavities of A-pillar and other car bodies are filled with foamed materials. The integrated sound insulation panel is added in the door panel, and the vehicle bottom is almost completely sealed, which brings excellent silent effect for the new car.

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