2006 Subaru Foresters lowered Posture walking

2006 Subaru Foresters lowered Posture walking

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2006 Subaru Foresters lowered Posture walking

AIRBFT Automobile culture communication center will introduce to you:2006 Subaru Foresters lowered Posture walking,Keep a low profile and pursue individuality.

The first appearance of the Subaru Forester was in February 1997. Forest people have collected the characteristics of multi-functional vehicles and buses. If modern concepts are used, it is a “cross” model.

Forestman’s chassis is based on the Subaru cheetah of 1993 and transplanted to forestman. The ground clearance of this classic chassis has been increased, but the full-time 4WD and horizontal opposed engine have not changed. Therefore, forestman not only has excellent performance in bad road conditions and the higher driving position required by SUV, but also provides drivers with pleasant and comfortable driving.

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