Aston Martin airride Provided by Miami

Aston Martin airride Provided by Miami

Aston Martin airride Provided by Miami AIRBFT Hang up c […]

Aston Martin airride Provided by Miami

AIRBFT Hang up company introduces:A Miami area motorist shared a photo of his Aston Martin airride, which he used with the airbft airride kit.

DB9, which was put into production in 2003, is the first work of the factory after it moved to gaydon. It is the lifeblood of Aston Martin's modernization. It is different from the previous mass production assembly mode, the brand-new VH aluminum alloy chassis and the new design style, thus laying the future trend of this British sports car factory.

The appearance of the small modified DB9 does not change much, mainly focusing on the enhancement of verve. Therefore, the newly designed front bumper only modifies the shape of the air inlet, while the head lamp, water tank cover and hood still maintain the same style.

The air intakes on both sides with slightly raised mouth corners have been changed into triangle design, and the honeycomb shaped metal partition net has been added in the center to make a clear distinction from the previous generation. The side skirt has also been changed into a line design to guide the air flow upward, thus enhancing the downforce and stability of high-speed driving. Other changes, such as the head lamp inside the projection lamp frame to replace a new shape, tail light is changed to use white transparent lamp shell.

Mature and comprehensive excellent driving quality is the focus of the new DB9. Ads suspension system similar to DBS or Rapide (standard configuration) is added to the vehicle. Through the electronic damping control module inside the shock absorber, comfort and sport setting options are provided. The driver can adjust the shock absorber software and hardware according to the speed and driving style requirements, so that the new DB9 has a more comprehensive Performance demonstration.

There is no change in the power and mechanical structure. The Aston is still in the car The VH chassis specially developed by Martin for DB9 has high rigidity and light weight bearing aluminum tubular frame and aluminum alloy body. This platform is also widely used in vantage, DBS and the latest Rapide. With the unique transaxle rear transmission design, 85% of the vehicle weight is controlled between the front and rear axles, which provides balanced front and rear weight distribution and excellent handling characteristic.

In terms of power system, the V12 engine with a displacement of 6.0 liters at the front of the car also maintains 470 horsepower output, while the transmission is still self-propelled by Touchtronic 2, allowing DB9 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in only 4.6 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 304km / h.

For other equipment, the new 20 inch aluminum ring and silver coated brake calipers have been included in the standard item of DB9; the interior part still maintains the tradition of Aston Martin for many years, and the seats, console, inner door panel and other accessories are covered with high-grade leather, but the interior panel option with new pattern is added, and the B & O sound system is also included in the optional project. In my opinion style can be an option for super running.

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