Mitsubishi sixth generation Evo airsociety

Mitsubishi sixth generation Evo airsociety

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Mitsubishi sixth generation Evo airsociety AIRBFTsuspen […]

Mitsubishi sixth generation Evo airsociety

AIRBFTsuspension company introduces to you: Mitsubishi's sixth generation Evo airsociety is a winning general. This is a photo shared by a car friend from Australia, so that more partners who like evo6 can see him.

Due to the 1999 WRC competition system, the aerodynamic package must be included in the car body, which makes the evo VI need to incorporate many aerodynamic packages into the body. We can see that for the first time in the evo 6 generation, the double wing tail is introduced, which is a flexible concession made by Mitsubishi between the competition systems. Compared with the fifth generation, the sixth generation of Evo has greatly improved. However, the sixth generation of Evo has found a good balance between introvert and publicity.

In order to continue to expand the engine torque, Mitsubishi introduced the titanium alloy turbine on WRC racing car into Evo civilian version for the first time. The rigidity and toughness of titanium alloy are higher than ordinary steel, but the quality is very light. The turbocharger made of titanium alloy can reduce the inertia moment and minimize the influence of turbine hysteresis. The water pump of the cooling system must be adjusted to speed up the engine cooling water circulation. An air duct is designed at the front water tank to introduce the air flow from the front end and lead out from the side to reduce the air turbulence in the engine compartment. Six generations of Evo have reached the peak in the history of Evo.

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