Volkswagen Golf 7 airride Australian game player

Volkswagen Golf 7 airride Australian game player

Volkswagen Golf 7 airride Australian game player Airbft […]

Volkswagen Golf 7 airride Australian game player

Airbft suspension company introduces:Volkswagen Golf 7 airride Australian game player,Australian super players create the 7th generation airride exhibition of golf.

Golf 7 refers to the seventh generation of golf products. On December 10, 2013, FAW Volkswagen New Golf 7 was officially launched in Guangzhou. German Volkswagen launched the first generation of golf products in 1974, which has gone through seven generations. Golf generation 1 to 7 is a car model constantly updated from old to new.

The first generation of golf has a history of 43 years since it was launched. Golf has become the pronoun of the best hatchback in the world, and has set an unshakable model in the world. Golf, which has sold more than 30 million vehicles, has successfully established its position in today's automobile industry. After several generations of modifications, the design has been constantly innovated and the pursuit of perfection has been achieved. However, the only thing that remains unchanged is the unique and meaningful style of golf.

FAW Volkswagen brand new golf comes from the most advanced MQB platform of Volkswagen. Based on the advantages of the platform that can adjust the body size, the new golf has made the latest design scheme. The new golf adopts the design appeal of short front suspension, which makes the center of gravity of the new golf engine more backward. Therefore, the design of short front suspension not only improves the visual effect, but also provides the necessary counterweight guarantee for vehicle control.

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