Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”

Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”

Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting” AirBFT a […]

Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”

AirBFT air suspension official website shares with you:Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”,China has set off a wave of MPV refitting.

This is a case shared by car friends from Luoyang, the ancient capital of 13 dynasties in China.

Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”

Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”

Toyota Vellfire Airsus “Wave of MPV refitting”

I don’t know when it started, there was a wave of MPV modification in China, and a segment market with high verticality – commercial vehicle modification was successfully formed.

In this field, although there are a variety of models, the direction of modification is generally the same. The summary is that the appearance is the same as that of ELFA, and the large-area chrome plated medium screen and decorative strips are extremely pompous; The interior is based on GL8 Avia, with large-area leather packages, aviation seats and star roofs, plus colorful atmosphere lights. It can be used for business and luxury travel, and can be used as a mobile disco, capturing the wallets of many bosses.

As one of the original models, Toyota MPV has always been the favorite of the modification market, and various wonderful modification cases are emerging in endlessly. For the founder of MPV modification, the large-area chrome plated surrounding kit is only a small part, and the matching of other modified parts is the real essence.

FDM streaming media interior rearview mirror: through the rear camera of the vehicle, the rear image of the vehicle is collected and displayed in the rearview mirror, which can greatly improve the rear view without being affected by the objects in the vehicle. The scene behind the car can still be clearly seen in rainy days and at night. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic anti glare function to effectively improve safety.

Multimedia display and AVN navigation system: it is a multimedia system integrating audio-visual entertainment and intelligent navigation. It is upgraded from the original 8-inch to 10.5-inch, and supports the introduction of Baidu carlife, bringing a new intelligent audio-visual experience to all passengers in the vehicle.

Rctab reverse side rear blind spot warning system with auxiliary brake: when the vehicle is reversing, when the rear radar finds that there is a possibility of collision in its monitoring area, the system will send a warning sound to remind. If the system judges that there is a high possibility of collision, it will automatically apply the brake to avoid collision or reduce the loss of collision.

ICs intelligent radar with auxiliary braking function: when the vehicle is running at low speed or backing up, the system will send a warning to urge the driver to take evasive measures when it may collide with obstacles (such as walls). If the system judges that it is very likely to collide with an obstacle, it will automatically apply braking to avoid collision or reduce collision loss.

Toyota connect (especially the emergency rescue function): Based on Toyota smart connect, it is fully imported with DCM (data communication module) to provide you with timely assistance (emergency rescue and road rescue) in case of emergency and escort you at the first time. Emergency rescue / road rescue (service needs to be opened in advance) in case of emergency, just press the SOS button, the call center will confirm the vehicle location with you, and contact the dealer, public rescue Agency (110, 120, etc.) or insurance company according to the communication with you, so that you can get timely rescue.

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