The BMW E30 Nullbar remains a classic

The BMW E30 Nullbar remains a classic

The BMW E30 Nullbar remains a classicBMW E30 NullbarAIR […]

The BMW E30 Nullbar remains a classic
BMW E30 Nullbar
AIRBFT official Media share: The BMW E30 Nullbar Remains a Classic. Here are some of The more detailed images.

The second generation OF BMW 3 Series (BMW-E30-318IS)
Between 1968 and 1975, a BMW 2002, the predecessor of the BMW 3 Series, was eagerly sought after by European and American consumers and was widely praised for its maneuverability. The BMW 2002 can be seen as the predecessor of the BMW 3 Series.
In May 1975, the BMW 3 Series was introduced to replace the 2002 model with the internal code name E21. The first generation 3 series has inherited the sports genes of the 2002 series, and the application of inline six cylinder engine has proved the superiority of BMW in engine technology and manufacturing process. What BMW did, of course, paid off very well. From 1975 to 1983, in eight years, the first generation 3 series sold 1 million cars. It is the first time a single BMW car has sold more than a million units.
In terms of models, the first generation 3 Series only has two sedan versions and two convertible versions, and there are not too many derivative models. The interior design adopts the design concept of tilting center console, all the functional buttons in the car can be easily found, in addition, the instrument panel also adopts the orange light.
The popularity of the first generation 3 series has brought BMW not only accolades and profits, but also the confidence to develop new models and a wider consumer base. So in 1982, BMW introduced the second generation of the BMW 3 Series, which was code-named E30 with many changes. The car introduced this time is the E30 convertible version.

For many car-loving friends, cars are not only a means of transportation, but also a work of art. It is also a common thing to add accessories just to help the 4th wife dress up well, and cultivate strong feelings. The E30 is a classic BMW model driven by netizens. Although the appearance has not changed much, in fact, it has been changed in the seats, steering wheel, loudspeaker, light bulb and car frame, and the shock absorbers, anti-roll pole and other parts have also been arranged, so that the old car can continue its life and create more happy memories with the owners.

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