Suzhou GT show: Ford Mustang airride

Suzhou GT show: Ford Mustang airride

Suzhou GT show: Ford Mustang airride AIRBFTsuspension c […]

Suzhou GT show: Ford Mustang airride

AIRBFTsuspension company will introduce to you: in 2020, a hell devil Ford Mustang will appear on the scene of Suzhou GT show. He has installed airbft2020 airride kit, which can control the rise and fall through mobile phone app, and has three-stage memory function.

In 1962, Ford developed Mustang's first concept car, Mustang I. It's a two seater sports car with a central engine. The name of Mustang is to commemorate the legendary P-51 Mustang fighter in World War II.

As the Mustang I Mustang concept car's two seat design was too low for practical use, it was rejected by Ford's senior management. In October 1963, Ford launched Mustang II concept car, changing the layout to the front of the engine and adopting a four seat layout. On April 17, 1964, Mustang, the first generation of mass production version, was officially released at the New York World Expo after repeated demonstration and modification by the Ford team. Since then, Mustang has officially demonstrated its style to the world. The price at the time of its launch was 2368 US dollars. Ford's schedule is very skillful. At this time, the generation of postwar baby boomers is just entering the age of buying cars. This generation's requirements for cars are quite different from their parents. They want to show their personality, so Mustang emerges as the times require.

The sixth generation Ford Mustang was launched in 2013.

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