The eighth generation of Subaru STI AirRide“Black Warrior”

The eighth generation of Subaru STI AirRide“Black Warrior”

The eighth generation of Subaru STI AirRide“Black Warri […]

The eighth generation of Subaru STI AirRide“Black Warrior”

AIRBFTsuspension company:The eighth generation of Subaru STI AirRide“Black Warrior”,This is an eighth generation Subaru STI from Australia,He installed it AirBFT AirRide,Inherited the pure racing pedigree.

The eighth generation STI (GD)

Subaru Impreza cheetah has achieved excellent results in the previous WRC World Rally Championships for its excellent performance. The design, R & D and production of mass production vehicles have also been applied to the successful experience in the competition. Subaru cheetah WRX inherits the pure racing pedigree, and the 06 9th generation cheetah is equipped with a 2.5t engine and the original car is equipped with a secondary air intake system.

The power unit of the eighth generation Impreza WRX is a new ej20 DOHC 16V turbo engine with a horizontally opposed design. In addition to Fuji, only Porsche has this horizontally opposed engine technology in the world. As a horizontally opposed engine, two adjacent cylinders are arranged together horizontally, which can easily eliminate vibration and noise and make the engine rotate more smoothly. The height of the horizontally opposed engine is small, and the ignition gap between each cylinder is unique. The exhaust sound wave is very special. In addition, the cylinder is placed horizontally and the center of gravity is very low, which is helpful to the vehicle steering.

In addition to the horizontally opposed four cylinder turbocharged engine, the cheetah also has a knack of being a full-time four-wheel drive system (AWD). The system is longitudinally connected with its horizontally opposed engine and is symmetrical to the left and right. The engine crankshaft, wave box and transmission shaft are in a straight line. The center configuration design is adopted to achieve nearly perfect weight balance effect on the body.

The performance of the front McPherson rear multi link suspension system of the eighth generation Impreza WRX is no worse than that of the European famous race. In terms of performance, the suspension is hard, and the vibration feedback is obvious when passing through uneven roads, but the toughness is very good. It basically reduces the probability of secondary bounce to zero, and ensures that the tire can maintain good tracking performance when encountering rough road surface at high speed.

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