Benz w126/560sel Airride “Extending life” for feelings

Benz w126/560sel Airride “Extending life” for feelings

Benz w126/560sel Airride "Extending life" for […]

Benz w126/560sel Airride "Extending life" for feelings

AIRBFT Hang up company introduces:According to Benz w126 / 560sel airride information in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China, car owners have refitted their cars very cool. The cool black paint and the bright pancake wheel hub make the whole vehicle look very solemn and dazzling.

W126 is the successor of w116 and the second-generation Mercedes Benz flagship model after being officially named. It can be regarded as the second-generation Mercedes Benz S-class. It can be said that in the history of more than 100 years of Mercedes Benz brand, it also has the status of the drama group, which has set a lot of records of "the most famous brand".

From its appearance in 1979 in the French auto show to today, it has been a synonym for classic Mercedes Benz in many people's minds. Let's review the classic and see what makes w126 "haunted".

From the appearance point of view, the square and straight lines are simple but aesthetic, quite a bit of Rolls Royce's noble spirit. Today, it is also very characteristic, not an outdated appearance. The front face is still the design language of Mercedes Benz family style. The flat headlamp group and three panel air intake grille complement each other. It looks very harmonious visually. The body also adopts color matching design, which is very bold and avant-garde.

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