Sixth generation Honda Accord Airride stanced”Classic still”

Sixth generation Honda Accord Airride stanced”Classic still”

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Sixth generation Honda Accord Airride stanced"Classic still"

AIRBFTsuspension company introduces:Sixth generation Honda Accord Airride stanced"Classic still",The sixth generation, 1999-2002.

Accord, as the embodiment of Honda's "innovation" spirit and the world's leading technology, continues to create new value and win the trust of 19 million users worldwide. The sixth generation of accord is listed in Japan, and now nearly 20 years later, it is difficult to see the figure of six generation Accord in daily life.

Although the six generation Accord has been gradually withdrawn from people's vision, most of them have focused on the high-tech ten generation Accord. However, the six generation with high-quality 3.0L VTEC original V6 engine still attracted some refitting enthusiasts. Today's protagonist is the fast forgotten Honda six generation Accord. I hope the owner's original intention will not change, which can infect you.

The sixth generation, 1999-2002

So far, accord has become a world model, so "developing universal flexible platform to meet the different needs of different parts of the world" has become the theme of the sixth generation Accord, in order to provide more advanced performance in driving, safety, environmental protection and other aspects.

Core technology: 2.3L VTEC engine; five link double wishbone independent rear suspension; program controlled fuel injection system; automatic air conditioning; intelligent anti-theft starting and locking system.

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