Cadillac ATS airride slammed“ATS vs JEEP”

Cadillac ATS airride slammed“ATS vs JEEP”

Cadillac ATS airride slammed“ATS vs JEEP” AIRBFTsuspens […]

Cadillac ATS airride slammed“ATS vs JEEP”

AIRBFTsuspension company introduces:cadillac ats airride slammed“ATS vs JEEP”,Cadillac's advantages in detail control and leading technology.

Cadillac ATS is a brand-new lightweight rear drive model built by Cadillac combining the latest achievements in product design, R & D and performance tuning. It was first launched in the North American auto show in Detroit, USA in January 2012.

Cadillac ATS is a compact luxury sports car. It is one of the important products of Cadillac brand aiming to build the best luxury car in the world and to make great efforts in the global luxury car market. Based on the new lightweight rear wheel drive platform, strong power performance and excellent fuel economy performance, Cadillac ATS uses a new way to interpret Cadillac's concept of perfect integration of art and technology. The car is the most agile and lightest model in Cadillac family, and also one of the lightest models in the same class, with a curb weight of 1550 kg.

The core of Cadillac ATS design is to build the lightest model in the same class. Engineers should improve the driving experience as much as possible while doing so.

Lightweight design can improve the sensitivity and controllability of Cadillac ATS, and optimize the performance and efficiency of the drive system. Cadillac engineers have greatly reduced the total weight of Cadillac ATS through the application of aluminum engine cylinder head, magnesium engine bracket and lightweight natural fiber door trim panel.

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