Mazda 6 Atenza AirRide Kit “people-oriented”

Mazda 6 Atenza AirRide Kit “people-oriented”

Mazda 6 Atenza AirRide Kit "people-oriented"& […]

Mazda 6 Atenza AirRide Kit "people-oriented" 

AIRBFT suspension company introduces:Mazda 6 Atenza AirRide Kit "people-oriented" ,The flaming red appearance makes the whole body stand out.

Mazda's "people-oriented" car making concept upgrade.

To provide customers with a smile as the fundamental, pay attntion to the use value of customers every day. Mazda is the first to apply the latest design and technology of Mazda to achieve a leap forward improvement of vehicle texture while achieving the perfection of unique driving pleasure. It is a new generation of luxury sports flagship with perfect combination of dynamic and texture.

When the car becomes an extension of the body, driving really becomes fun. Abandoning the cold data and taking human experience as the only standard, the new generation of ATZ, based on the upgraded chuangchi blue sky technology, focuses on accelerating the grinding of linear sexuality. The car moves with the will and integrates people and horses. I was moved by the irreplaceable control. Before I started, I had already looked forward to this journey.

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