Honda 10 civic stancenation xinyanggarage Products

Honda 10 civic stancenation xinyanggarage Products

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Honda 10 civic stancenation xinyanggarage Products Hond […]

Honda 10 civic stancenation xinyanggarage Products

Honda 10 civic stancenation xinyanggarage Products,The 10th generation Civic (Civic) is a collection of advanced technologies leading the times.

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The 10th generation Civic (Civic), a collection of advanced technology leading the times, presents you with a strong sense of future and technology charm.

Dongfeng Honda Civic appearance atmosphere, fashion, body line smooth, hatchback appearance compared with the old model has been greatly changed.

Advanced suspension system for comfortable and stable driving

The McPherson front suspension is used to obtain good handling performance. The rear wheel adopts double wishbone suspension, which not only reduces road noise, but also ensures stable driving and makes riding more comfortable. All models adopt front ventilated disc brake and rear disc brake to realize linear and efficient braking feeling.

With the steering wheel in hand, I feel at ease every minute in the Mercedes Benz. Because civic cares more about you and others than anyone else

The safety and feelings of people around you. Not only that, but also the safety of vehicles and pedestrians should be considered in the design. Civic has been working hard to make you drive easily with all-round safety guarantee.

For everyone's "five star" safety

Civic has always believed that safety is the most important topic in automobile manufacturing, so it is committed to bring you all-round safety guarantee: active safety for accident prevention and passive safety for personnel safety protection in case of accident.

Civic envisions the protection of you and the people around you in all kinds of possible situations, as well as the possibility of reducing injuries to both vehicles and pedestrians in the event of a collision. This result makes civic's car body design reach the highest level of NCAP in the world – "five star" safety standard.

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