Lynkco 03 AirBFT AirRide“TCR combat vehicle”

Lynkco 03 AirBFT AirRide“TCR combat vehicle”

Lynkco 03 AirBFT AirRide“TCR combat vehicle” AIRBFT Aut […]

Lynkco 03 AirBFT AirRide“TCR combat vehicle”

AIRBFT Automobile culture communication center will introduce to you: Lynkco 03 AirBFT AirRide“TCR combat vehicle”

Lingke 03 is the first car product of Lingke brand and the first car built by CMA basic module architecture. Lingke 03 was officially listed at Fuji Speedway in Japan on October 19, 2018. Lingke 03 is positioned as a LingChao sports car. In 2020, it won the wtcr annual team championship 03 TCR chariot.

In terms of appearance, Lingke 03’s “Yufeng design” is the integration of the family design concept of “urban opposition aesthetics” and aerodynamic design, which basically maintains the Lingke family design style. The front face adopts a split headlamp group, with a horizontal forward air grille and lower trim strip. On the side of the body, Lingke 03 maintains the shape of the traditional hatchback car, the C-pillar lines are smooth, the tail lamp in the shape of “L” is adopted at the rear, and the reflective strip is integrated with the black trim panel below.

In terms of appearance, Lingke 03 + mainly increases the sports surrounding of the whole vehicle, including optional carbon fiber front lip, front grille, new style 19 inch two-color dense spoke wheel rim, diffuser at the bottom of the rear, carbon fiber rear spoiler, bilateral four-way exhaust, etc. In addition, through the optimization of the air kit, Lingke 03 + improves the handling stability and performance when the wind resistance coefficient is basically unchanged, but the pressure at the maximum speed is increased from 11kg to 40kg.

As a part of Lingke 03 performance improvement plan, Lingke automobile has in-depth cooperation with cyan racing (formerly the polar racing racing Department of Volvo car group) to realize the docking of CMA basic module architecture and racing gene by virtue of Geely Automobile Group’s performance strength and cyanracing’s technical accumulation in the racing field. In this cooperation, the two sides will fully open the performance upgrading plan of Lingke 03, jointly design, develop and manufacture Lingke 03 wtcr chariots and Lingke 03 high-performance concept vehicles, and establish Lingke team for the 2019 wtcr race.

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