AIRBFT Indonesia nissan s15 airride”The last king”

AIRBFT Indonesia nissan s15 airride”The last king”

AIRBFT Indonesia nissan s15 airride"The last king& […]

AIRBFT Indonesia nissan s15 airride"The last king"

AIRBFT Indonesia new year Share with you:nissan s15 airride,It's a tool for drift,He was called:"The last king".

S15 is the seventh generation of Silvia, and also the lowest generation in the history of vehicle development. It's not that its performance is poor. On the contrary, it has 250 horsepower output, excellent fr layout and the front McPherson rear multi link suspension layout, which has developed into a perfect one. Hong Kong and Macao habitually call Silvia series "flying chicken."

When the production of S14 stopped in December 1998, a new generation, the last generation S15, came on the stage. The size of the S15 is almost close to the size of the medium-sized car. In the works of Nissan designers, the S15 is the most sporty and beautiful model in the whole series. Nissan not only improves the appearance, but also the SR series engine, which has become the symbol of Silvia, has further improved its output on the S15 platform. Sr20det of Na and sr20det of Turbo are also provided. By improving the smoothness of intake and exhaust, sr20det can output a maximum of 250 HP, which is 30 HP higher than that of S14, while sr20de has less increase, only 5 HP higher. In addition, for the first time, Silvia series is equipped with 6-speed MT, which is known as the best partner of performance engine. There are no minor changes on the S15 platform. B package, l package and V package were provided in October 1999, October 2000 and January 2001, respectively, corresponding to different degrees of internal upgrade. In addition, the 200 piece Na improved model Silvia AUTECH version introduced by AUTECH and the first fully automatic hardtop opening model Silvia varietta in Japan are also available.

S15 has never disappeared from people's view since it was launched in 1999 and stopped production in 2002. The reason why it is at a low point is that Nissan has just stepped into the most depressed period. Renault's joining is to rearrange the vehicle lineup, stop production and cancel cancellation, so as to tide over the economic difficulties. The S15, which was discontinued in 2002, has never launched a left-hand drive version. The only export model is the Oceanian 200sx. However, the appearance of the 200sx is not a bright light design at all, so the only Silvia is the Japanese version.


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