Indonesia Toyota FT-86 Concept AirBFT AirRide“Sports concept inheritance”

Indonesia Toyota FT-86 Concept AirBFT AirRide“Sports concept inheritance”

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Indonesia Toyota FT-86 Concept AirBFT AirRide“Sports co […]

Indonesia Toyota FT-86 Concept AirBFT AirRide“Sports concept inheritance”

AIRBFT Automobile culture communication center will introduce to you:Indonesia Toyota FT-86 Concept AirBFT AirRide“Sports concept inheritance”

Toyota 86 is named after the abbreviation of future Toyota 86 concept. Toyota 86 means the new concept car of Toyota in the future. Toyota 86 is used as the successor car of corolla Levin (Toyota AE86).
Toyota 86 was originally scheduled to be officially produced in 2011. However, Toyota believes that there is still room for improvement in the design of FT-86, and the external boom may not be enough to support the sales market of FT-86, so it postponed it. In April 2012, it was officially sold by Japan in the name of 86.
Toyota 86 (the concept car is called Toyota FT-86 concept) is a global strategy fr small sports car unveiled by Toyota for the first time at the 2011 Tokyo International Auto Show. The concept car FT-86, which appeared at the Tokyo auto show in 2009, is a product of cooperation between Toyota and Subaru. The body shape is dominated by Toyota’s ED2 design center in southern France, and the gearbox and drive system are also designed by Toyota, The engine adopts the boxer horizontal opposed four cylinder engine designed by Subaru, and is introduced into Toyota’s d-4s in cylinder direct injection system and high-speed design.

The Republic of Indonesia (English: Republic of Indonesia), abbreviated as Indonesia. It is a Southeast Asian country with Jakarta as its capital. It connects with Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Malaysia. Indonesia covers an area of 1913578.68 square kilometers and is composed of about 17508 islands. It is the largest archipelago country in the world, spanning Asia and Oceania. It is also a country with many volcanoes and earthquakes. Larger islands include Kalimantan, Sumatra, Irian, Sulawesi and Java.
With a population of 262 million, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. There are hundreds of ethnic groups, of which Java accounts for 45%, Sunda 14%, Madura and Malay 7.5% respectively. There are more than 200 national languages, and the official language is Indonesian. About 87% of the population believe in Islam, which is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.
Jakarta, the capital, is located on the northwest coast of Java island, with an area of 740.28km ², With a population of 10.277 million, it is a national political, economic and cultural center, a sea, land and air transportation hub, and a shipping center between southern Asia and Oceania. As early as more than 500 years ago, Jakarta has become a famous seaport for exporting pepper and spices. At that time, it was called “Sunda graba”, which means “coconut”. In 1527, it was renamed chajakarta, which means victory and glory.

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