Ford F700 bagged

Ford F700 bagged

Ford F700 bagged truck picture AIRBFT Suspension Show C […]

Ford F700 bagged truck picture

AIRBFT Suspension Show Car:Ford F700 bagged,It was bought back in 2018 and hand-made by Xiaolong.

This is a 1987 F700

Ford's F700 is the largest of the F-series models, and calling it a pickup actually makes it feel a little lighter. According to the deadweight tonnage in China, its deadweight class is already a medium truck, carrying a total weight of 20,000-30,000 pounds, which is about 9-14 tons. It should be mentioned that the new F700 series models are widely used in China. If you have ever flown to the airport, you will find that the airline catering truck is either a 50 bell or a Ford F pickup truck.

The Ford F700 was purchased by AIRBFT Suspension in 2018 and imported from the United States. AIRBFT converted it after returning, making it the first F700 to be modified in China.

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