China Bmw x6 airbft airride“Wide body and low lying”

China Bmw x6 airbft airride“Wide body and low lying”

China Bmw x6 airbft airride“Wide body and low lying” Ai […]

China Bmw x6 airbft airride“Wide body and low lying”

Airbft air suspension website introduces:China Bmw x6 airbft airride“Wide body and low lying”,In terms of shape design and power control, the sports ability of the sports car and the multi-function of the SUV are integrated.

China Bmw x6 airbft airride“Wide body and low lying”

BMW defines X6 as sac, that is, sport activity coupe. Compared with X5, which focuses on road driving performance, X6 has evolved more thoroughly in road performance, integrating the sports ability of sports cars and the versatility of SUVs in shape design and power control.

In November 2019, BMW launched the latest generation of X6 series sedan. The new car is produced based on the BMW clar architecture and adopts the brand-new family Facebook, which has been improved in configuration and power.

The biggest advantage: the body is tall and fashionable; Dynamic interior and fine workmanship; Rich configuration; Strong power; Flexible and comfortable handling, good passability.

The biggest disadvantage: the space is slightly general; The luxury of the interior is not as good as that of the models of the same level.

Interior decoration: the interior decoration is fine, and the solid wood decoration improves the overall comfort and luxury of the vehicle. The black interior is equipped with metal color knobs and handles to give full play to the dynamics of the vehicle; Sound insulation effect is good; The sound effect is average.

Space: the overall driving space is enough, but the whole vehicle can only accommodate four people (the 4S store now has five seat versions, and the installation fee ranges from 4000 to 5000). Many netizens are dissatisfied with this; The storage space in the car is enough, and the space in the trunk is OK, which can meet the needs of daily use.

Appearance: BMW X6 is an anti-traditional car, with a standardized SUV body, fashionable appearance and tall body. Most netizens praise it.

The BMW X6 has a standardized SUV body: a tall body and a large ground clearance. The launch of X6 emphasizes the comfort of cars and the high performance of sports cars. BMW has implanted the respective advantages of X5 and 6 series sports cars in X6. The family front “double kidney” air intake grille from BMW emphasizes the noble pedigree of X6; “Angel eyes” and high brightness xenon lamps on both sides complete the finishing touch of the car head. In terms of interior decoration, although beige, black and solid wood decoration atmosphere are more prominent in luxury and comfort, it seems that the combination of all black and metal trim strips can stimulate the adrenaline of the driver as a major sports vehicle. It is believed that those who have come into contact with BMW cars will not be unfamiliar with the driving environment of X6. The three multi-functional steering wheels with shift paddles, the silver knob on the right hand side, that is, the BMW “I driver” system, and the shift handle similar to the control lever of a Fighter – it seems that all preparations before “take-off” have been continued.

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