Cadillac CTS AirBFT AirRide“Warship escort”

Cadillac CTS AirBFT AirRide“Warship escort”

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Cadillac CTS AirBFT AirRide“Warship escort” The exterio […]

Cadillac CTS AirBFT AirRide“Warship escort”

The exterior design of Cadillac CTS, a sports luxury car, is very American style. It uses many classic design languages of Cadillac. The wedge-shaped body has bright outline, strong lines, short nose, diamond like noble texture, giving people a clean and smooth overall feeling.

The appearance follows the diamond cutting edge line and V-shape design of Cadillac family. The 2010 CTS is still sharp. The vertical long headlamp design, coupled with the configuration of active steering hid, makes the new car exude a scientific and technological atmosphere. The central part of the hood changes from concave to convex. The inspiration is taken from the water tank shield of the concept car sixten, which has the effect of enlarging the CTS compartment. Moving down the line of sight, the fog lamp and front bar of CTS are also like the extension of headlamp and water tank shield, and the design method is very exquisite.

Combining the design concept of “art and technology”, Cadillac forged the first luxury performance sedan in its brand history, revealing its bold and innovative brand spirit. The body has a clear outline, bold and avant-garde, skillfully integrates performance and luxury into sharp lines, surpasses modern automobile process design, and is equipped with epoch-making vertical headlights to bring unprecedented visual impact and driving enjoyment. After the world’s most rigorous limit test of Nurburgring track in Germany, it announced the birth of a new generation of luxury sports car with a body with a perfect proportion of 50:50, a solid and durable sports car chassis and sports suspension system.


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