Benz w212 air suspension”Serious and decent”

Benz w212 air suspension”Serious and decent”

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Benz w212 air suspension"Serious and decent"

Airbft air suspension case center shares with you: Benz W212 air suspension "series and center", this car is shared by Indonesian dealers.

Mercedes Benz E-class is a medium and large-scale high-end business car between C-class and S-class developed by Mercedes Benz. At present, it is recognized that the originator of E-class is Mercedes Benz 170 in 1947, which is one of the first models developed by Mercedes Benz after the war. Since then, Mercedes Benz E-class cars have gradually formed a series, with car and station wagon body types. Mercedes Benz E-class has always been a "serious and decent" image in everyone's mind. However, this refitting work is contrary to everyone's previous views on this car. To make this Mercedes Benz E-class more sporty and fashionable, customize the carbon fiber front shovel and China open, match with the electroplated wheel rim, and lower the body through the American airbft air suspension. Finally, a new Mercedes Benz E-class car full of aesthetic feeling was born.

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