Benz w123 airride Photo sharing

Benz w123 airride Photo sharing

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benz w123 airride Photo sharingbenz w123 airrideAIRBFT […]

benz w123 airride Photo sharing
benz w123 airride
AIRBFT official media share photos of Benz W123 Airride modification case for more Benz W123 Airride fans to see and enjoy together.
If your car is also modified airbFT, you are welcome to share your photos with us, so that more fans around the world can see, please send email:, thank you.

The Mercedes W123 is an AirbFT car, which was modified in 2017. The corroded appearance of the whole car makes it look more like a classic car. A set of Airride is installed with BBS wheel hub, which makes it look very slender.It comes from Shanghai and is handmade by Wu Jiaxiang.
In 1976, Mercedes Benz launched its latest executive sedan, the 123 series, which was widely praised and sought after. The production cycle of the 123 series is from 1976 to 1986. There are five body forms, namely W123 four-door sedan, S123 station wagon, C123 coupe, V123 limousine and Various derived special vehicle chassis of F123. During this decade, a total of 2696,915 123 series rolled off the production line, among which 23,75,410 were four-door cars, and I was lucky to be one of those 23,75,410 more than 30 years later.
The W123 is one of the most successful cars in Mercedes history, and until the W201 (c-class predecessor) was introduced in 1982, the cheapest way to park a three-pointed star passenger car on your doorstep was to buy one. However, in terms of the price in those days, it was expensive to become a Mercedes owner, and the car price was not affordable for ordinary people. Therefore, owning a Mercedes Benz at that time was definitely equal to success.


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