Benz c200/w205 lowered

Benz c200/w205 lowered

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Benz c200/w205 lowered AIRBFTsuspension is here to shar […]

Benz c200/w205 lowered

AIRBFTsuspension is here to share photos of the case of Benz C200 / W205 Lifters from Australia. If you have also modified AirbFT, you can also send your car photos to us to share with Benz C200 enthusiasts.

Mercedes-benz, a German automobile brand, is one of the premium automobile brands, whose perfect technical level, excellent quality standards, innovative ability to bring out the old and bring out the new, as well as a series of classic coupe styles are highly praised.

Benz trident is one of the automobile and brand logos. In October 2016, Mercedes Benz ranked 9th among the world's 100 most Valuable Brands in 2016.

[caption id="attachment_1716" align="alignnone" width="600"] Benz w205[/caption]

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