Puerto Rico KIA K5 AirBFT AirRide“Leading the urban trend”

Puerto Rico KIA K5 AirBFT AirRide“Leading the urban trend”

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Puerto Rico KIA K5 AirBFT AirRide“Leading the urban tre […]

Puerto Rico KIA K5 AirBFT AirRide“Leading the urban trend”

AIRBFT Automobile culture communication center will introduce to you:Puerto Rico KIA K5 AirBFT AirRide“Leading the urban trend”

In terms of appearance, the new generation K3 continues the family Huxiao design style. The width of the air inlet grille of the new car is increased, the headlamp lines are slender, and the fog lamp area is decorated with irregular silver ornaments. The new car adopts a transverse front bag.
In appearance, there are many changes in the new car. Its new type of black grid is used in the tiger’s forward style gas grille, while the front headlight connected with the grille becomes slender, and the interior structure of the lamp group also changes. Small vents are added on both sides of the front bumper of the new car, just like the new K5.
In terms of interior, the interior of the new car continues the interior design of the current model, and adopts a flat bottom steering wheel to highlight its sportiness. In addition, the new car’s central control and multifunction steering wheel buttons are set off by the red background light source, which is very fashionable. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with front seat ventilation / heating, steering wheel heating, driving mode selection, Bluetooth phone, body stability control, parallel assistance and other equipment.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (English: the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Spanish: estado Libre associado de Puerto Rico), referred to as Puerto Rico, is located in the eastern Greater Antilles Islands in the Caribbean. Including Puerto Rico, Vieques, kulevra and other small islands. It is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean in the north, the Caribbean Sea in the south, the United States Virgin Islands and British Islands across the water in the East, and the Dominican Republic across the Mona Strait in the West. The capital is San Juan.
As an autonomous region of the United States, Puerto Rican residents are United States citizens and do not participate in the presidential election of the United States, but have the right to elect a non voting Commissioner of the United States House of Representatives.
As of 2018, Puerto Rico has a land area of 9104 square kilometers and a population of 3659007. Puerto ricans accounted for 76.2 per cent.

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