Most beautiful Volkswagen golf 4 bagged”Classic forever”

Most beautiful Volkswagen golf 4 bagged”Classic forever”

Most beautiful Volkswagen golf 4 bagged "Classic f […]

Most beautiful Volkswagen golf 4 bagged "Classic forever"

AIRBFTsuspension company introduces:Most beautiful Volkswagen golf 4 bagged"Classic forever",Blue classic, in that era, you represent the symbol of young people, but also the yearning of many car lovers.

The fourth generation of Volkswagen Golf is a perfect combination of square and streamline design. 15-16 years later, it is still on the road, and it is becoming more and more rare on the road. When you see a golf 4, you feel it is very delicious.

Jujube shaped glass hood headlamp, with a special streamline of the front, integrated, special spirit.

For the first time, Volkswagen's streamlined design elements are used in golf cart. Compared with the design style of previous generations of golf with square edges and corners, this generation of golf is particularly beautiful, and the proportion in the side view is particularly harmonious, and it has a very solid feeling.

Very strong D-pillar, with the front and back expansion of the wheel eyebrows, the tail looks particularly powerful.

The tail light is as smooth as the side, and the rear window glass of the tail door is particularly large. Compared with the front of the car, the tail is more plump and more solid.

The tail is very simple and fresh. The license plate frame is moved to the bumper, which is very beautiful. With 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the golf 4 with the largest sales volume is 1.6 displacement, and the most classic is 1.8L 20V engine, high speed is particularly good explosive power, high-speed endurance is particularly good, I drove before 2010 was 1.8L high 4, although the rear suspension is not an independent suspension, but the overall vibration filtering is particularly comfortable, good support, driving fast is also particularly confident, mechanical texture and handling is absolutely high.

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