Indonesia Porsche Cayman AirBFT AirRide“Racing life”

Indonesia Porsche Cayman AirBFT AirRide“Racing life”

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Indonesia Porsche Cayman AirBFT AirRide“Racing life” AI […]

Indonesia Porsche Cayman AirBFT AirRide“Racing life”

AIRBFT Automobile culture communication center will introduce to you:Indonesia Porsche Cayman AirBFT AirRide“Racing life”

The Porsche Cayman is a two seater two door sports car with a mid engine and rear wheel drive. It is the fourth largest car series launched by Porsche after the 911, Boxster and cayenne. The newly released Cayman GT4 is equipped with Michelin pilot sport cup 2 ultra-high performance tires.
The Cayman has a typical Porsche family shape, but it still has its unique charm compared with family members such as the 911 Carrera and Boxster s. The models under the Cayman series are: Cayman, Cayman Black Edition, Cayman S, Cayman R.
Cayman’s performance on the track gives people confidence to constantly apply throttle pressure. The only worry is insufficient grip and oversteer on the curve when turning at high speed, but it turns out that such worry is unnecessary. Due to the function of PSM stability management system, even if the big foot accelerator is pressed too early before turning out, or the braking force is insufficient when entering the corner, PSM will adjust the operation of the body and quickly return to the normal attitude before approaching the limit of out of control.

language is Indonesian. About 87% of the population believe in Islam, which is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.
Jakarta, the capital, is located on the northwest coast of Java island, with an area of 740.28km ², With a population of 10.277 million, it is a national political, economic and cultural center, a sea, land and air transportation hub, and a shipping center between southern Asia and Oceania. As early as more than 500 years ago, Jakarta has become a famous seaport for exporting pepper and spices. At that time, it was called “Sunda graba”, which means “coconut”. In 1527, it was renamed chajakarta, which means victory and glory.

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