Ferrari F430 lowered Only love Fans

Ferrari F430 lowered Only love Fans

Ferrari F430 lowered Only love Fans AIRBFT suspension c […]

Ferrari F430 lowered Only love Fans

AIRBFT suspension company introduces:Ferrari F430 lowered Only love Fans,Brilliant red is Ferrari's main color. With airride lowered, the whole body looks very beautiful and flies close to the ground.

Ferrari F430 is the entry-level sports car of Ferrari. It was first shown at the Paris Motor Show in 2004. It is the successor of the previous generation of entry-level sports car Ferrari 360, and also the most "civilian" sports car of Ferrari.

Although it is an entry-level, but the F430 performance is still very excellent, the shape is also quite shocking. Ferrari officials do not despise this model, and have launched a number of modifications, including the F430 model to commemorate Ferrari's 16 times F1 championship.

Ferrari F430 marks the birth of a new generation of Ferrari V8 engine two door sports car. Its design inspiration comes from the research results of Ferrari racing department. Highly innovative design and cutting-edge technology are perfectly reflected in this road version sports car.

Ferrari F430's most important innovative equipment includes the electronic differential (E-Diff), which was originally developed by Ferrari for its F1 single seat racing car, as well as the manettino knob installed on the steering wheel, through which the vehicle dynamic performance integrated management system can be directly controlled.

The lightweight and compact 4308ml engine equipped with F430 is a new product, which can provide 490hp power, specific power output of 114hp / L and torque of 465nm. It has excellent performance. It takes only 4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, and the maximum speed reaches 315 km / h.

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