Benz e300l stancenation White coat and red shoes

Benz e300l stancenation White coat and red shoes

Benz e300l stancenation White coat and red shoes AIRBFT […]

Benz e300l stancenation White coat and red shoes

AIRBFTsuspension company introduces:Benz e300l stancenation White coat and red shoes.

The design of the front face is the same as that of the imported version. The split high beam and low beam light have sharp lines, and the overall effect is young and dynamic, which completely washes away the image of "laoben". The LED light group under the front of the car interprets the word "fashion" more thoroughly.

The thick rear of the car is very full, and the simple lines are very solemn, which are necessary for high-grade business vehicles.

The pre-safe & reg; preventive safety system can be activated and automatically respond within approximately 200 milliseconds before an accident, ensuring that seat belts and airbags are most effective in the event of a vehicle collision.

Once the accident risk is perceived, such as severe oversteer, understeer, sudden steering movement, panic braking or emergency braking, relevant protective devices will be activated instantly: automatically close the skylight and side windows, tighten the seat belt, and adjust the electric seat to a more appropriate position, thus reducing the impact force on the head and neck.

After the danger is removed, the side window will open automatically, the safety belt will be released automatically, and the seat position will be automatically restored to the user's predetermined state, and it will play an immediate role again if necessary.

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