Thailand Mitsubishi Xpander MPVAirBFT Airsusdesign

Thailand Mitsubishi Xpander MPVAirBFT Airsusdesign

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Thailand Mitsubishi Xpander MPVAirBFT Airsusdesign AIRB […]

Thailand Mitsubishi Xpander MPVAirBFT Airsusdesign

AIRBFT Automobile culture communication center will introduce to you:Thailand Mitsubishi Xpander MPVAirBFT Airsusdesign

On November 8, Mitsubishi Motor released an upgraded version of the Xpander budget compact car produced for Southeast Asia. The on-site press conference will be held at the Indonesian auto show on November 11.
Xpander has a modified appearance designed to emphasize the “crossover” of the machine. The model was launched as a minivan in 2017 and a cross version in 2019. Now, all the performance of the car has increased the road clearance: the clearance has increased by 15-20 mm to 220-225 mm.
The car is getting longer. The front suspension is now 75mm larger and the rear suspension is 45mm larger, which can only be at the expense of the bumper, and all other parts of the body remain unchanged. Added a silver metallic tone.
New outdoor lighting technology is applied. The front headlamp group (installed under the DOK strip) adopts a T-shaped configuration, and the tail lamp has different graphics.
There are also many deformations in the cabin. For the expensive version, we designed a front panel, which is characterized by strict lines. The steering wheel is also new. There is a leather trim and stitching on the handrail and door pocket. Climate control with LCD screen is adopted.
The “atmosphere” of the 1.5-litre Mitsubishi 4a91 105 HP remains unchanged, but can now be used in combination with the transmission (previously, a four speed “automaton” was provided as an alternative to “mechanical”). Among the available devices, an electronic “handle” appears. The drive of the machine is still only at the front.
Mitsubishi Xpander’s suspension has been revised to improve comfort. For this purpose, the stiffness of the front fixing points and the cross-sectional area of the rear shock absorber are increased.
The total sales volume of Xpander from 2017 to October 2021 is 372000 pieces, which is one of the most popular Mitsubishi models in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is a member and founding member of the association of Southeast Asian nations. It is also a member of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization, the Asia Europe Meeting and the world trade organization. It became one of the “Four Tigers of Asia” in the 1990s, but suffered a major setback in the economic crisis in 1998. Thailand is an emerging industrial country and one of the emerging market economies in the world, the only net exporter of food in Asia, one of the world’s five largest exporters of agricultural products, the automobile manufacturing center in Southeast Asia and the largest automobile market in ASEAN.
Thailand is a Buddhist country and one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

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