Mercedes Benz w205 lowered“View fashion atmosphere modified”

Mercedes Benz w205 lowered“View fashion atmosphere modified”

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Mercedes Benz w205 lowered“View fashion atmosphere modi […]

Mercedes Benz w205 lowered“View fashion atmosphere modified”

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Mercedes Benz w205 has fashionable appearance, strong handling performance and classic brand.
First of all, in terms of appearance, the front and rear ends of the new car have been redesigned, which is closer to other latest models of Mercedes Benz family. The weight of the new aluminum bonnet is lighter. There are obvious differences between the headlights and grille around the old car, while the headlights are more brand-new design. The new rear bumper adds a new feature line and looks more stylish. The overall drag coefficient of the body dropped to 0.26. Mercedes Benz claimed that it was the model with the lowest drag coefficient in the family.

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