Honda SHUTTLE slammed share

Honda SHUTTLE slammed share

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Honda SHUTTLE slammed shareSHUTTLE slammedAIRBFT offici […]

Honda SHUTTLE slammed share
SHUTTLE slammed
AIRBFT official website for you to share Honda slammed for all models, the following is a new SHUTTLE, slammed his share from Chinese cyclists.
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The Jed Honda is a Honda station wagon with a new front bumper for a sportier look. In terms of the body, thanks to the double-waist line design, the side lines of Honda's new station SHUTTLE are not monotonous. The B-pillar, C-pillar and D-pillar of the body are treated in a dark way, so that the new car presents the visual effect of the suspension roof.
The rear line of the car is very dynamic, with the roof spoiler and rear bumper designed to make the new car look more sporty. New car tail shape layer sense is strong, tail fin design greatly enhance the sense of movement.
Honda's new station wagon is based on the ninth generation civic. Since the first generation Fit, it has launched a station wagon, initially called "AIRWAVE". In the second generation fit station wagon is renamed "FITSHUTTLE". The overall shape of the new car is more fashionable than the current fit, the front face USES the sturdy single bar grille design, the headlight group is connected with the grille, the interior light group design is more fashionable. In addition, the new car also has a new style of front bumper, the shape is more sports.


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