Ferrari F355 airride “Superstar” in the 1990s

Ferrari F355 airride “Superstar” in the 1990s

Ferrari F355 airride "Superstar" in the 1990s […]

Ferrari F355 airride "Superstar" in the 1990s

AIRBFT suspension company introduces:Ferrari F355 airride "Superstar" in the 1990s,Thank you for your sharing from Ferrari F355 in Taiwan.

Thanks for the sharing from Ferrari F355 from Taiwan. As a "superstar" in the 1990s, it can be said that everyone loves it. It is a toy that all men dream of. However, not everyone can get him. Let's enjoy this super star slowly.

The F355 was introduced by Ferrari in 1995 to replace the 348, which is considered to be the best sports car of Ferrari in recent decades. From the end of May 1994.

F355 refers to the 3.5-liter engine with 5 valves per cylinder (Ferrari's mid engine, which is hard to change for ten thousand years). The GTS code name is that Ferrari represents the design of detachable hardtop, and the engine and performance are the same as F355 berlinetta.

At the end of May 1994, the successor model of 348gtb and GTS series was introduced with a brand new name. This is the Ferrari F355 series. The working volume of cylinder is 3.5 L, and each cylinder has five valves. Ferrari first used five valve technology on the new V8 engine, and achieved the unique power of 109 MA / L – this is a new record for the non supercharged in-line engine 363 n · m at 250 rpm – only the engine of a sports car could reach this level a few years ago, which created unparalleled conditions for a lot of improvements in the transmission (18 inch wheels, excellent braking), improved shifting performance of the new six speed transmission and precise calibration of the servo steering mechanism. There is no doubt that the F355 series is the most powerful and attractive car in Ferrari grid.

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