Australia nissna silvia s15 lowered airride

Australia nissna silvia s15 lowered airride

Australia nissna silvia s15 lowered airride Hang up com […]

Australia nissna silvia s15 lowered airride

Hang up company introduces:Australia nissna silvia s15 lowered airride,This is a sexy red car from Australia S15, long hair beauty let us feel very beautiful.

The S15 is the seventh generation of Silvia, and also the lowest generation in the history of vehicle development. On the contrary, its performance is not poor. On the contrary, it has 250 HP output, plus excellent fr layout and the perfect front McPherson rear multi link suspension layout. Hong Kong and Macao habitually call Silvia series "flying chicken."

In February 1998, Nissan announced that the production of the S14 was stopped, and then the S15, as a new generation model and the last generation of S series, represented the decline of Japan's golden age.

Nissan Silvia series models to the S15 generation, the body is still the same as the S14 again increased, so that the body size basically reached the size of intermediate cars. After several generations of vehicle models, the S15, as the final model, is the most sports car with the most beautiful lines in the whole series. It is also the best in handling. The 800 HP Nissan Silvia driven by anda Suzuki has been dramatically changed With 52.649 seconds, S15 has refreshed the fastest single lap speed of Tsukuba circuit. The potential of refitting can be seen. Even now, S15 is still active in various races.

Nissan Silvia S15 has many excellent cases in refitting, and many refitting manufacturers have launched matching refitting kits. It is not too difficult to refit the car to meet their own wishes. However, it is not easy to modify the car to its own style in order to get rid of the shadow of many classic modification cases!

Nissan Silvia S15 also uses turbo version sr20det turbocharged engine. By improving the smoothness of intake and exhaust, the sr20det can output a maximum of 250 HP, which is 30 HP higher than the previous generation of S14. The transmission is the first time equipped with the 6-speed MT, which is regarded as the best partner of the performance engine. Such a classic power combination, of course, should be well refitted.

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