Benz w205 AirRide Kit Blue enchantress

Benz w205 AirRide Kit Blue enchantress

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Benz w205 AirRide Kit Blue enchantress AIRBFT suspensio […]

Benz w205 AirRide Kit Blue enchantress

AIRBFT suspension company introduces:Benz w205 AirRide Kit Blue enchantress,This blue enchantress Mercedes Benz w205 is refitted with airbft airride kit, showing her charming posture.

The new Mercedes Benz C-class (w205): the overall feeling is more mature and stable, and the driving and riding feel is more comfortable.

The new fourth generation C-class comes into the market, and people constantly call it "small s" because it looks too much like the S-class. However, in addition to the appearance, the interior materials and equipment are also in line with the S-class. The original manufacturer said that it deliberately wanted the C-class to be like the small S-class, because after the birth of its new generation Corps NGCC, the C-class was no longer the most entry-level model of its own, and it was bound to grow and differentiate. C-class (w205) will not pay for the change, don't worry, let me continue to watch.

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