​Audi A4b9 airsociety A pink heart

​Audi A4b9 airsociety A pink heart

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Audi A4b9 airsociety A pink heart

AIRBFT Suspension Share:Audi A4b9 airsociety A pink heart,Stylish and dynamic appearance, smooth lines; Interior exquisite workmanship, good configuration; The acoustics are good; Spacious and practical space, comfortable; Classic brand.

The dynamic body design of the new Audi A4L demonstrates audi's leading position in automotive design. The front face design with the characteristics of Audi S series, the streamlined body like a coupe, the wide wheels and the powerful wheel arches make it dynamic and elegant, calm and full of tension in traffic. The design also gives the A4L the lowest wind drag coefficient in its class, 0.27, in line with the European model. The LED "flying wing" light, which represents the latest design trend of Audi, has become the distinctive sports symbol of the new Audi A4L.

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